WEBINAR – Remote Team Alignment

It’s easy for people in remote teams to get off track. Learn how to spot the most common problems and find out how to handle them.

About this Event
People in remote teams typically experience problems in these two main areas:
Behavioural alignment
  • Personal transition
  • Effective collaboration
  • Leading / facilitating online
Cognitive Alignment
  • Understanding each other
  • Getting strategic clarity
  • Keeping in tune with stakeholders


You might also be interested in another recent webinar where we discuss dealing with fear and anxiety in a time of crisis. You can watch that webinar here. 

Presenters are trained Mirror Mirror practitioners, supporting organizations with alignment and more. Together they’ll share the podium across both scheduled sessions for this event.

    • John Hall of Skarbek Associates: skarbekassociates.com/ (UK)
    • Suzy Giles of Giles Global Communications: gilesglobal.com/ (NL)
    • Michael Moriarty Leadership and Team Coach: linkedin.com/in/michaelmoriartycoach (UK)
    • Sharon Hunter – Strategic Communications – linkedin.com/in/slhunter (CA)
    • Steve McCann of ReesMcCann: reesmccann.com/ (UK)
    • Sheila Carruthers of CSR Strategies: csrstrategies.ca/ (CA)
    • Elise Forster of Leadership Potential Consulting: elisefoster.com/ (US)
This webinar will run twice to cater for all time zones.
Once registered please use this link to access: https://zoom.us/j/5784424610
Hosted by: www.mirrormirrorhub.com